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Consist of Nail shaping and filing, hot towel, cuticle treatment, high gloss, buffing of natural nail and hand massage, polish optional.

Classic Manicure $18.00
Sun Kissed Manicure $28.00

Includes dead sea salt rub, sloughing scrub, paraffin

Ultimate Manicure $28.00

Includes dead sea salt rub, sloughing scrub, seaweed mask,  paraffin dip

Hawaiian Manicure $28.00

This exotic treatment stars with a hand bath in fruit soak. It continues with dead sea salt glow, light exfoliations with sloughing scrub of your choice. Then a layer of skin softening sea butter then a paaraffin mask and warming mitts are appied. Your hand will be ready for the hula dance.

Lavender Luxury Manicure $28.00

A soothing aromatherapy hand treatment that also softens your skin. Your hands are first exfoliated with dead sea salt glow and lavender sloughing scrub, lavender hydrating lotion is performed. After massage, a layer of paraffin mask and warming mitts are applied. Your hand will emerge super soft and fragrant as flower.

Fresh Grapefruit Manicure $28.00

For the ultimate hand spa treatment that star with light exfoliation with dead sea salt, sloughing scrub and exfoliated and soothe with seaweeds mask designed to oxygenate and stimulate cells and a layer of paraffin mask after your nail are whipped into shape, a powerful serum concoction of essential oil and flower essential is massaged into your delicate hands to further protect and heal.

Thai Coconut Hand Ritual $28.00

This Ritual is base upon “MAKPAO”, a thai word for coconut. It is tribute to the simplicity of natural product and rice to nourish the body, ginger to warm and lemongrass to soothe and uplift the spitrit

Milk And Honey Manicure $28.00 

A healing, hydrating soak of milk and honey, relaxing massage and warm towel compress give your nail that little extra attention they crave! The milk and honey manicure begins with a milk and honey bath followed by a thorough exfoliation. Extra attention  is given whre your hands need it the most. The nail are polished perfectly. 

The Spa Oxygen Manicure $28.00 

Your hands can reveal your body secrets, for ultimate hydration, treat them with our oxygen pop with lemon scent manicure and return extremities to their foremen.

The Oatmeal Soho Manicure $28.00 

It,s about the attude. It,s about being hip and style… about being there before anyone else. A Combination  of ultimate manicure with a wonderful synergy of the best ingredients nature as pure as can sugar, honey and oatmeal to perform the most effective cleansing, refreshing.

Nuskin Manicure $28.000